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On-demand professional services from certified technology experts

Whatever challenges your professional services team are faced with, you can meet your customers’ expectations by getting extra support from our accredited team of engineers. By requesting a free consultation, you can start mapping out how to complement your existing capabilities and avoid leaving money on the table.

Plug a skills or resource gap

Integrate new solutions with unfamiliar or legacy technologies

Deploy or manage systems across new or multiple geographies

Get additional resource for managing a major project

Accelerate your go-to-market with solutions from newly onboarded vendors

Our flexible range of professional services are designed to extend your own capabilities

Basic and complex implementations

Whether for simple installations or complex multi-country, multi-technology deployments, our engineering teams can support you either remotely or on your customers’ premises in 100+ countries.

Advanced configuration

Minimise disruption and downtime for your customers by hiring our labs to stage and test their solutions. Products remain insured until they are delivered and we can provide additional on-site engineering skills as required.

Project management

Complex and large-scale projects may require you to get temporary extra support to avoid delays and poor customer satisfaction. Our Prince2 qualified project managers can provide the necessary rigour in delivering a successful project outcome. They will support you in chiefly project managing multi-site, multi-country installations into BAU maintenance contracts.

Solution design

Enable your customers to benefit from the latest technology advances and multi-vendor integrations. Our technical experts design solutions which use the latest architecture standards, guidelines and site templates.

Software asset management

Concentrate on more profitable work by having our teams assist with time-consuming tasks. We can take care of system setup, configuration loading and testing, asset tagging and software updates.

Health check assessments

Network and security health checks enable to highlight any security vulnerabilities or network performance issues which can translate into incremental business. Our engineering teams can carry out those assessments and report their findings to you so you can position yourself as a trusted advisor to your customers.

Maintenance, migrations and updates

Free up your professional services team to concentrate on more complex projects. Our engineers can carry out on-site or remote updates, as well as migrations to new solutions with more advanced configurations.


Make sure you recommend the best solution when addressing complex customers’ requirements. Leverage our expertise in a wide range of technologies, vendor solutions and deployment scenarios.

Our professional services cover the following vendors: